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We rely on our own modern vehicle fleet , which offers you solutions that are individually tailored to your requirements:

  • Tarp semitrailer with sliding tarpaulin

  • semitrailer

  • refrigerated trailer

  • Roadtrains

  • low loader

  • Closed and open vehicle transporters


   BELBULTRANS OOD is a Bulgarian company specialized in the transportation of liquid foodstuffs. We own a fleet of trucks and cisterns, which meet all EU technological, safety, sanitary and ecological standards. Our experienced drivers are ready to cross through the whole Balkan Peninsula and Western Europe. As main clients we have the largest refineries for edible oils in Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Romania and Moldova. The company is operating in this field of work since 1992 and has always aimed at improving the service quality. Constantly we invest in new vehicles to increase the fleet as well as to replace older models.
   Our history dates back to the early 90s when first operations began. At that time the company was called "BOBO" and its first contract was in Macedonia. Since then it never stopped expanding its markets and soon, it was trading and transporting oil to Albania and Kosovo. We continued working with those countries even during the war in the region in the 90s, which was unthinkable for most of our competitors. Our bravery proved to our clients that loyalty is our key driving force. Today, we are proud to say that we have earned a distinguished and reliable name in the sunflower oil business.

   BELBULTRANS OOD is part of a group of companies each specialized in its own industry. One of the other affiliates is Agro-bel 2001 OOD, an agricultural company cultivating more than 5,000 hectares in the north part of Bulgaria. The other is called Slav EOOD and is dedicated to all sorts of construction tasks, such as building demolition, excavation, road works, etc.




Our fleet is invariably supported by modern telematics and our account managers can locate any vehicle through GPS tracking and know at any time where your cargo is located. A track and trace system on our homepage enables our customers to track their shipment as needed. The data we gain through the use of our telematics system helps us make our transport services more efficient and continuously optimized.

The International Forwarding Agency Willi Betz can rely on a Europe-wide network of own workshops and third-party workshops , which are used if necessary.


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